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Nail Biter

Bright Manicure and Lipstick

Because for nail biters the nails & often the skin around it are damaged, it is in the first place important to make sure they can recover. The nails of nail biters grow much faster.

That's why I don't do extensions. Underneath a layer of strengthening gel the nail is able to grow & recover. Also you need to adjust to having more length.

In the beginning you will be coming back more often (2 weeks) for a treatment. Once the desired result is achieved this can be as usual after 3 to 4 weeks.

Best to choose a neutral/nude color which suits short nails the best.

I also recommend to buy a cuticle oil to treat the rough skin around the nails.

The plan we will follow looks a bit like this:

1st treatment   €30

The nails & skin around them are prepped

The gel with treatment underneath is applied

Between 1st & 2nd treatment (if needed)

If a nail might be broken, I advise you to come by asap to have it fixed, so that the temptation to bite is non existent.

2nd treatment   €30

The gel is removed

The nails & skin around them are prepped

New gel with treatment underneath is applied

Usually after 2 treatments the nails have already grown quite a bit & we can switch to a normal refilling tempo.

Shouldn't this be the case we keep on treating every 2 weeks, until the desired look is achieved.

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