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Soëlle Naturelle

Nice to meet you!

I am Lieselotte, nail technician & creator of Soëlle Naturelle.

I would love to explain why I choose for the brand Bio Sculpture.

A lot of products on the market contain harmful ingredients and because of that will dehydrate, weaken or even damage the treated area.

And let that be exactly what we don't want.


With the products, but mainly the application & removal technique of Bio Sculpture I'm able to give you beautiful nails that are healthy, flexible & undamaged.

More info on Bio Sculpture can be found on the next page.

To keep everything as hygienic as possible I work with a personal filing set per client.

I like to take my time for every set, so make sure to make enough space in your (busy) agenda so you can enjoy your me-time fully.

Every nail treatment ends with a hand massage so you can leave with a relaxed feeling.

Hope to treat you soon!

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Gel polish

02 /



03 /



04 /


05 /


Pink Banana

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Blauwe Spijkers op Green

Check out the page on Bio Sculpture for more information on the nail products.

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